Watering Whole in France

May 08, 2017

France.png“Easter evening was a jam-packed explosion of joy as five people took the important step of water baptism,” say Mark and Dalene Good, AGWM personnel planting a church in Grenoble, France. The room overflowed with friends and family of those getting baptized as Mark preached on the power over sin that identifying with Christ in his death and resurrection brings. Huddled outside around the inflatable spa, the congregation laughed, cried and prayed together with these that they had journeyed with and in whose lives there has been great change. One older woman who had previously embraced Buddhism, accepted Christ this last year. “After I prayed to Jesus, it was the first time I slept peacefully in years,” she testified.

Two others had been raised in Christian families, but recently made decisions to make their faith in Christ both real and personal. They spoke of the Father’s patience and of how they found Him ultimately to be the only One who could authentically fulfill them. Another shared about the transforming power of the acceptance he found in the community, of wrestling with questions and doubts, and of finally dedicating himself wholly to follow Jesus. And the last candidate was a young man from North Africa who thanked those gathered for loving him through three years of debating religion, and of the supernatural change that occurred as the lenses of his old beliefs were finally removed when he decided to give his life to Christ.

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