Planting Seeds in Spain

Sep 28, 2015

11870806_966421463396926_2066025286320937524_n.jpegAGWM personnel in Spain, Dan West, relates the following two incidents which clearly illustrate the ‘planting’ of the seeds of truth into lives.

During a trip to Sweden for training and ministry, he also attended the wedding of one of the team leaders. After the ceremony and before the reception, the groom introduced Dan to his cousin. Dan knew that this was a divine opportunity to witness, and after asking key questions that aim for the heart, this man fell under deep conviction. He had been a very sinful man and suffered with guilt. The conversation was ended abruptly as they were ushered into the reception area.

The next day after Dan had ministered in an afternoon church service, the groom approached Dan and told him what had transpired earlier that day. At 6AM his cousin had texted him and explained that he was not able to sleep at all because of the conversation with his American friend and that his guilt was consuming his thoughts. What was he to do?

This cousin is actively searching for peace and forgiveness through Jesus, the only one who can remove that guilt.

IMG_1743.jpegAnother experience of seed planting occurred on Dan’s journey to Sweden which consisted of two flights. He was sitting next to the same young man on both flights and in the same seat numbers, so on the second flight, Dan began to witness to him. As Dan asked key questions that aim for the heart and which allow the Holy Spirit to convict, the young man didn’t seem to be moved at all toward conviction and it didn’t bother him that he was destined for an eternity in hell. Dan then ended the conversation and let him ponder.

However, being on a flight, the young man couldn’t just walk away. A few moments later, obviously affected by Dan’s words, he finally asked, “And if I were bothered, what then?” From there, Dan was able to explain the Good News of how Jesus took our sins and punishment upon Himself, that we are to repent, turn from our sins, and put our trust and confidence in Him. The young man was “trapped”, not only on the flight, but also in his sins and needed an escape. He did not make a decision to follow Jesus in that moment, but the Gospel was planted in his heart. The Holy Spirit can continue to work in his heart, bringing him to a place of repentance and salvation.

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