One Little Boy in Germany

Jan 23, 2107

Screenshot 2017-01-23 08.02.19.png“Benni was a normal, very active boy when he first came to our Royal Ranger Starter’s Group during his last year of kindergarten.” AGWM Personnel in Germany, Steve Dunn tells Benni’s story.

“But a year ago, all of a sudden, he started having epileptic seizures. They came more and more, stronger and stronger. Benni did not respond well to medical treatment. The kindergarten director asked the parents not to bring him anymore to kindergarten. This, of course, was a painful moment for the parents. Our Royal Ranger group, though, was instructed as what to do should a seizure occur. This statement of love and acceptance spoke volumes to the parents. Benni’s condition did not improve. He began losing his ability to speak and do other normal daily routine things. Then, on a Sunday morning this past May, our entire congregation joined together in earnest prayer for Benni. The following Monday there were no more seizures. During our Royal Ranger service a few weeks ago, Benni’s mother gave testimony that since that Monday there has not been a single seizure. A recent medical examination has confirmed that Benni’s EEG has gone from a third degree condition back to normal. The attending physician stated that there is no medical explanation for this change. He said that even under medication it cannot be expected that a third degree condition will revert back to normal. We praise God for this great miracle. May God continue His work of grace in the lives of Benni and his family.


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