Coffee Shop Encounters in Barcelona

Jun 12, 2017

Screenshot 2017-06-12 07.33.14.pngAGWM Personnel in Spain, Nick Seders, share this great testimony of God’s saving grace. “Several months ago, we noticed that a new coffee shop was to open below our office. We were excited by the possibility of convenient coffee and croissant runs but also the opportunity to intentionally welcome new people into the neighborhood.

“As soon as the espresso machine and panini makers were firing on all 220 volts, our whole team went down to say hello and purchase some café con leche. We introduced ourselves as the ICB staff, pointed out our office just two buildings over, and told them to expect us back (because, honestly, they make some of the best coffee in the neighborhood)!

“Within days, the siblings that own the shop asked one of our teammates if we could come pray for the business and the space. Though not Christians themselves, their parents were Catholic, and they knew that it'd make them happy; plus, the previous business had closed because of a violent crime–so it couldn’t hurt to have a “priest” bless the place.

Screenshot 2017-06-12 07.33.24.png“A week or so later, we all went down after morning devotions, and gathered around a few tables to pray. Our teammate then asked the sister, brother, and sister-in-law how we could pray, and all of us took a moment to bless and intercede for them. The family was extremely grateful, and we were honored by the opportunity to pray–ultimately that the coffee shop would become a shining light for the community, even if the owners didn’t yet know what that would mean.

“In the following months, staff members could be found in the coffee shop almost daily. We would invite them to events and the sister-in-law did attend our Easter Egg Hunt with her toddler. Then this past Sunday, the sister came to our evening church gathering right after the shop closed. She was warmly welcomed. As the message came to a close, Pastor John gave the congregation an opportunity to respond in prayer, to make a decision to follow Jesus and receive a fresh start. Her hand went up immediately! We could all see how moved she was, with tear-filled eyes and a huge smile.

“On Tuesday, some of us went down to the coffee shop right away. When asked how she was doing, her response was, ‘Because of Sunday, I’m great!’ She was visibly excited by her new belief in Jesus, and couldn’t wait to tell others about the great things that are happening at the international church up the street. After three months of constant contact with Christ-followers, a member of the family has decided to follow Christ. That coffee shop is well on its way to becoming a shining light in Barcelona!

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